Car trading B2B

During 2oo8 I worked on the vehicle auctioning platform for a Swiss company.

Frequent discussions with my close associate Saša Klačar, who did the requirements collection and communication with the client, resulted in well documented software architecture.

After defining the system entities and relations, I managed a team of experienced developers went on to implement the system using ASP.NET Web Forms for the front-end, .NET, C# and SubSonic for the middle tier and Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end.

I have also designed the database, scripted SubSonic, implemented a part of DAL, and created a Windows service for XML data imports from an external source.

Following the loose Agile process, we have first released a user interface mock-up, which triggered several system redesigns and resulted in better specification in the following releases.

The better part of the project was done, but it was at a point stopped by the client, even as they were very satisfied with our results, but it was caused by the company’s internal problems.