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tools-5I’ve got a Util folder where I keep some utilities, most of them are web-development related, others coming from *nix systems and sorely missing on windows, and some that I made.

There’s everything I use to automate common tasks and workflow, get content from web in various ways, or convert Word to web pages. I keep it in Dropbox so I can easily update it and get it when and wherever I need it. Maybe other people find something interesting too, so here they are – listed in alphabetical order.

  • autohotkey.bjelic.net.ahk keyboard shortcuts and quick scripts, I already wrote about this.
  • ab.exe Apache benchmark for measuring the performance of a web application. It provides results which are easy to use for example in a spreadsheet. Although a part of Apache Foundation, it can be used with any web server of course.
  • baretail.exe improved log file reading in real-time Baremetalsoft.
  • bc.exe arbitrary precision calculator language, part of the unxutils on Sourceforge.
  • curl.exe versatile tool to transfer data on the internet, supports all HTTP verbs, FTP, email and so on. Available from http://curl.haxx.se/
  • email.ps1 a simple PowerShell script to send email, useful in automated tasks (if you need it – contact me)
  • grep.exe “Search for PATTERN in each FILE or standard input.”, part of the unxutils on Sourceforge.
  • jsl.exe JavaScript lint (not sure about the source, if you need it – contact me).
  • jsmin.exe JavaScript minification (same as above).
  • junction.exe symbolic links on windows (only Steve knows why it’s not included), downloaded from TechNet.
  • kv.exe “a command-line key-value store integrated with the clipboard” available on CodePlex.
  • msxsl.exe convert XML using XSLT by Microsoft (requires Microsoft XML Parser 4.0, here’s a pure .NET utility on GitHub).
  • optipng.exe png optimizer (SourceForge).
  • PsExec.exe execute programs on remote Windows systems, part of the PsTools.
  • smtp4dev.exe dummy SMTP server, great for testing (CodePlex).
  • tidy.exe to quote the webpage: “clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY” (SourceForge).
  • TimeStamp.vbs & TimeStamp.ps1 append the timestamp to filename(s) or folders (if you need it – contact me)
  • touch.exe change the access timestamp on a file, useful to restart web apps – part of the unxutils on Sourceforge.
  • wget.exe “retrieve files from the WWW”, great for testing, can check site for errors, works as a spider… (SourceForge)
  • xsltr.exe my own xml transformation utility (GitHub)
  • xpathr.exe my own utility to show results of a xpath on a chosen xml file (GitHub)

It would be great to know if you have something similar.

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