Currency Calculator

In close collaboration with Teletrader’s web designer Vladimir Stefanović we have created “Currency Calculator” at the beginning of year 2003.

With this useful tool you can convert amount from one currency to another. It is working with latest currency rates retrieved from web service, so you have to have active internet connection when first starting it, and if you like to refresh the rates.


During 2003, I was asked to create a interesting tool, a spider to walk the web pages and extract data.

I have made an analysis of how to achieve this, and implemented it fully. My focus was to parse HTML, collect the HTTP request parameters and values, and extract the data.

The tool can use a page with links as well as a form as a source to create possible request parameter value combinations. Then, the links within the each page will be located and parsed to append to the list of pages to be processed.

Configurations and results are saved as XML files. I also made a viewer for the results which can be sorted on any attribute.


At the end of 2001, I was approached by a big furniture producer Lagado to design and implement their web site.

First I have created the information architecture, and through intensive communication we have achieved a well organized and beautiful site.

Then I moved on to create the we design which I later implemented by using ASP and SQL related to an Access database, to produce HTML enhanced with JavaScript.


This company was working with Point Of Sale and connected fields of business.
I was working on the company website, designed business identity, promotional material…
Also, later I was working on the development of user service based on three tier Microsoft technology.

Year: 1999
Done: Web design, Print design, Information architecture, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, SQL


My first commercial project and later employment, was in 1997 for clothing company “TDI” and “TDI Radio”.

I have designed and implemented several web site incarnations, using HTML and JavaScript, even with one of the first Serbian online shops at the time.

I have also administrated their LAN for some time.