Evolution Of The JavaScript Loop

Doing a bit of testing last week, I have found out that the source code for the Game Of Life JavaScript Implementation is not working with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7).

It turns out that IE7 doesn’t support the forEach construct, and in while rewriting it, I noticed how the code becomes so much uglier and less readable, which led me to think about the programming language evolution.

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Multiple Values For The Same GET or POST Parameter in ASP.NET MVC

There are situations where you need to pass multiple values for the same parameter to the server, here are some patterns.

  • Multiple checkboxes to pick the values for the same purpose.
    • Select columns to show in the table
    • Select post categories
  • User can add as much values as he/she likes.
    • Add new tag
    • Add language
  • User can remove multiple items from a list.
    • Remove items from shopping cart

This can be handled by passing many values in one parameter with a common delimiter, or by passing multiple values as the same parameter. Here are examples with the GET method, for the POST it works the same.

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