Hello world

A “hello world” program has become the traditional first program that many people learn.

While I’m not learning a new programming language here, I am learning how to use the blog platform and express myself in this media.

And I have to say it – this blog is a work in progress.

As much as I would like to launch when I am completely satisfied with my blog, it will take a some time, and I decided to launch early and update frequently. It works in software (as in Agile development), so it should work here as well, right? Please fell free to comment what you think about this attitude in a blog context.

Things are rough around the edges and I’m updating the content and look and feel constantly these days, so please drop-in frequently and have a look. Texts will change, the looks will change, logo will change. What won’t change is that the blog will be here.

It may be that you encounter changes so you don’t like it anymore, something you hate, or something you liked isn’t there. Please drop me a note if this is the case. If you see an error (and I’ll try to avoid those) – please be sure to notify me. I am not afraid to admit my mistakes. I have been wrong before.

So –

Hello world.

Pole Energy

The Pole Energy online shop project was truly interesting and creative, but on the other hand a big challenge as well.

The goal was to create a secure, modern, multilingual online shopping application. It has taken about a year, from the initial idea until the full version, during 2009 and 2010, with the first release at the beginning of 2010.

At the beginning of the project I have created the application architecture, entities, relations, and use cases. As we did agree to loosely follow Agile development process, the architecture was redesigned several times during the project.

During the implementation, I have lead a crew of experienced developers in the effort to achieve high quality and performance.

We have decided to go with the Microsoft stack, using ASP.NET MVC enhanced with jQuery to create the user interface, using Entity Framework, LINQ, and C# for the middle tier DAL (Data Access Layer), and Microsoft SQL Server as the back end.

The project is successfully running on the cloud platform at www.poleenergy.ch


In the summer of 2009, I designed and implemented a small web portfolio for my old friend Nenad Nikitović. He is a sculptor by profession, living in Granada, working with wood with focus on restoring old furniture and church relics.

The web site was produced in XHTML, styled with CSS and improved using JavaScript and jQuery.

The site was online for a while at www.restauracionmaderanele.com, but unfortunately is not available anymore.

Serbian Dental Journal

Document processing system, for more details please have a look on the [permalink href=”127″]Serbian Archives of Medicine[/permalink] project page.


During 2007 and 2008 I worked on a document analysis tool called “Matchpoint”.

The idea is to parse the document by identifying content blocks and then find certain keywords within the context. The document is tagged based on the found information.

I did the software architecture first, creating the concepts, entities and relations,and identifying crucial parts of the system.

The heart of the system is the parsing engine that identifies segments of document, for example education, experience, and so on. All the permutations of the segments are used, and the one that matches the most segments is selected for further analysis. Each of the recognized segments is then searched for the keywords. Each keyword has appropriate tags assigned, and this way the document is in the end tagged.

Since the algorithm has to analyze documents in different languages, using semantic algorithms seemed a bit too complicated, so I went with regular expressions.

The documents can be emailed or uploaded by FTP to the web server, where is a Windows service monitoring configured folder. A .NET console application is then run to convert document to plain text using IFilters, and then to run the analysis, and upload the data to the Microsoft SQL Server database in the end.

Users can use a web application built on ASP.NET Web Forms to search and view indexed documents.

Adverto Mystery Shopping

In the winter of 2008, I collaborated with my old friend Goran Petrović, to create a website for his company “Adverto Mystery Shopping”.

We brainstormed the information architecture, and afterward I created a rudimentary CMS to maintain the content.

As he was using an application for his business that was written using ASP.NET 1.1, it was a requirement for the web site as well. The markup is XHTML compatible as much as ASP.NET 1.1 WebForms allow, styled using CSS, and interaction improved using JavaScript and MooTools.

You can have a look in more detail at www.adverto-ms.rs.


During year 2008, I helped the furniture industry company “Rimako” improve it’s web presence.

At the start I created the information architecture, and identified key SEO techniques to be applied.

A lot of work by my and my wife Ana went into the design and page structure and elements.

Web site and CMS were implemented using the excellent CodeIgniter framework for PHP, with MySQL database as the back end.

The pages are formatted in XHTML, styled with CSS and enhanced with JavaScript to accommodate older browsers (i.e. IE6).

Please visit www.rimako.co.rs to have a more detailed look.