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Lifesaving snippets

A wild mix of snippets that make my life easier.

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git source control with a local repository (no server)

Even when working alone or on simple projects, I like to have the benefits of source control – history, branching, and backup. Here are the common steps that need to be taken to use git in this scenario.

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gyration /jīˈrāSHən/

Photo sampling and manipulation in 3D space.
Still having fun with Processing.

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Util Folder

I’ve got a Util folder where I keep some utilities, most of them are web-development related. I keep it in Dropbox so I can easily update it and get it when and wherever I need it.

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New times, new words

What does it all mean – Smartphone face, BlackBerry prayer, Facebook facelift, Continuous partial attention, Attentional blink

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Vienna districts in numbers

I created an interactive data visualization, written in JavaScript, based on the open data. This is a post about how it came to be.

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Signal links

Signal picked up in the past couple of months – Black Swan Theory, Histomap, Landsat 7 images, SpaceX Dragon

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Selected work

Greentube Internet Entertainment

As a generalist, I am working with software projects from many perspectives.

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Chez Cliché

The site was born in close cooperation with fantastic people from CHEZ CLICHÉ Tourismus GmbH.

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Document processing and analysis software identifying keywords within the context, providing searching capabilities.

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GTECH (formerly Finsoft)

I worked as a senior analyst programmer on web-oriented products – sports betting, affiliate programs, real-time data usage and payment services integration.

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