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Current stream of thought: revenues vs. market cap

The financials here make absolutely no sense to me, and this is only an example of the current state of (US) economy? Zoom market cap is currently close to $107 billion, and it announced on July 18. 2021 that it’s acquiring Five9 for $14.7 billion in stock. Meanwhile, Zoom reported net income of $7.6 million …

ArchiveBox: Open-source self-hosted web archiving.

https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox ArchiveBox is a powerful, self-hosted internet archiving solution to collect, save, and view sites you want to preserve offline. You can set it up as a command-line tool, web app, and desktop app (alpha), on Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can feed it URLs one at a time, or schedule regular imports from browser …

Encounter: How Technology Architects make decisions

Great consideration of necessity for documenting technology decision making. Also, difficulties of culture and mentality changes. … Compensatory. This type of decision considers every alternative, analysing all criteria in low-level detail. Criteria with different scores can compensate for each other, hence the name. There are two types here: Compensatory Equal Weight – criteria are scored and …

Encounter: The pedantic checklist for changing your data model in a web application

https://rtpg.co/2021/06/07/changes-checklist.html Quote: — Let’s say you have a web app with some database. In your database you have an Invoice model, where you store things you are charging your customers. Your billing system is flexible, so you support setting up tax inclusive or exclusive invoices, as well as tax free invoices! In this model you …