Curriculum Vitae

Technology leader and generalist with holistic approach to building software – team leading, system integration, building new solutions.

  • Results-oriented & strong leadership
  • Proved capacity to manage complex challenges
  • Lean, iterative approach
  • Enthusiastic about technology
  • Bridging the business/technology communication gaps
  • Considerate problem solving
  • Empathetic and patient approach
  • Experience in various industries
  • Experience in working with differently sized companies, on-premise and remote teams

Professional experience

I take a multi-disciplinary approach in working with software systems with focus on leadership, communication, efficient use of technology, system analysis and architecture.

I consider myself a communicative person, able to understand different perspectives, clearly convey ideas, discuss and affirm others, and create good relationships with colleagues.

Highly skilled, very efficient and organised, with more than 25 years of professional experience in the software industry.

Over the years I have been working on software solutions for FinTech, Social Media, Energy, Gaming, and E-Commerce industries.

Chief Technology Officer

TaTaTu S.p.A, Rome, Italy

October 2021 – present

Responsible for the technology platform, team, processes, communication with all stakeholders, implementation and driving forward the company vision of TaTaTu.

I am managing a highly skilled team of forty people (and growing), in planning, defining and implementing the large scale platform and enabling the company growth.

  • Did an IPO launch in October 2022 (1,5 Billion on Euronext Growth) as the CTO
  • Scaled the system on AWS to support enormous growth
  • Implemented customer data platform big data system
  • Created the product and technology roadmap
  • Grown and improved the team and system capabilities
  • Structured the processes in the team to increase efficiency and created a culture of hard work, flexibility, learning, fairness, good relationships
  • Implemented transparency for technology related topics

Industry: Social media, Video, FinTech, E-Commerce

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Management, Planning, Strategy, Budget, Roadmaps, Product management, Technology analysis, System integration, Scalability, Cloud, Team management, Hiring, Process implementation

Senior Technology Advisor

The Blue Minds Company, Vienna, Austria
Oct 2021 – present

I continue to support The Blue Minds Company in the role of Senior Technology Advisor.

Industry: Energy, Investments

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Technology analysis, Technical due diligence, Technology Coordination

Chief Technology Officer

The Blue Minds Company, Vienna, Austria

October 2019 – October 2021

As CTO, I am responsible for the IT side of implementing and driving forward the vision that the company’s management is pursuing in the areas of self-foundation, company building and consulting.

Furthermore, I oversee the strategic planning and development of IT by analysing technological innovations in collaboration with the company’s network of solution partners. Planning and recommending which resources should be expanded in the company in order to be able to compete technologically in the market are based on such analysis.

An important point is to ensure that all employees in day-to-day business can work with optimum technical means and an IT network that corresponds to their tasks.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Technology analysis, Technical due diligence, System integration, Scalability, Cloud, Development process governance, Process implementation, Provisioning

Information Systems Architect

sIT, Vienna, Austria

January 2019 – October 2019

In charge of architecture strategy, coordination and governance for the Branch & Lending division. During that time, I was actively involved in the company wide and division specific target architecture development and gap analysis.

Analysis and providing insights into the current landscape from the logical, technical, and operational side played a significant part.

The challenge was to define the process and ensure the correct implementation of new, and reuse of existing products and platforms via architecture governance.

Additionally, I was supporting strategic product and project development.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Enterprise architecture, System architecture, System integration, Product management, Services, Release management

Tech Lead

Global Blue, Vienna, Austria

March 2018 – November 2018

I was responsible for the architecture, solution design, and the development team for the end-to-end transaction monitoring. The intention for this system is to integrate data from discrete domain-specific systems and provide consolidated overview of business transactions.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Team lead, Software architecture, Hiring, Roadmaps, System integration, Scalability, Technical evaluation, Cloud, Streaming, Process implementation, Database integration, SQL, Services

Enterprise Architect

Global Blue, Vienna, Austria

April 2016 – March 2018

Working to analyse, define, and improve software and technical solutions, working tightly with both the business and IT side.

The job included defining strategies of enterprise architecture, enterprise-wide guidelines and principles, developing proof of concepts, working with infrastructure and operations support, designing solution architecture.

Also supported the Head of Enterprise Architecture in place of Services Product Manager.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Enterprise architecture, System architecture, System integration, Product management, Services, Release management

Technical Project Manager

Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH, Vienna, Austria

September 2013 – April 2016

As a generalist, I am working with software projects from many perspectives – system integration, guiding the development, conceiving new solutions.

Integrations of internal and external systems, scalability, system details knowledge, and having the big picture in mind all play a significant part in daily work.

Big part of the job is communicating with other departments to provide them information about the technical knowledge of the system. Creating documentation and specifications comes as a natural part of this. I am also working with partner companies on integrating our system with their products and vice versa.

I have owned a development of a big new product and platform, introducing various new solutions to support multiple systems and platforms integration, high concurrency, and innovative approach.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Software architecture, Project management, Product management, Integration, Services, SQL, C#, JavaScript, Release management

Software architect

TeleTrader Software GmbH, Vienna, Austria

May 2009 – September 2013

While I mostly focused on software architecture, I also worked in roles of project and product manager.

I was leading a team of experienced developers to build and maintain the web platform for TeleTrader financial market products. A number of company web projects were based on this platform. The challenge was to create an architecture that is very flexible while keeping high level of code reuse.

I successfully introduced Agile methodology, greatly improved development, build, and release processes and methodology. I am also a certified Scrum Master.

The job required the capability to see the big picture, realize creative solutions and to have a keen eye for the details of implementation. Communication, organization, work process optimization, and team leading were important parts of the job.

Additionally, I managed the software and product development of the financial portal, and was in charge of product management for a number of smaller projects.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Software architecture, Software design patterns, Coding standards, Project management, Product management, Scrum master, Agile development, Continuous Integration, Build process, Software development, Web development, Web services, C#, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Microsoft technologies.

Senior web developer

TeleTrader, Belgrade, Serbia

November 2007 – May 2009

I worked on development of advanced financial market products – stock exchange data presentation applications, funds and portfolio analysis tools. I innovated in development patterns, technology, source control patterns, build process, web technologies and standards.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Software development, Web development, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, Build process, Code generation, Library design, ASP, VBScript, XSLT, CSS, XHTML.

Senior programmer analyst

GTECH (formerly Finsoft), Belgrade, Serbia

February 2005 – November 2007

I worked on extending and maintaining web based sports betting applications, affiliate programs and online payment services integration.

I was member of the team that developed the product that brought Microsoft Gold Partner status to the company; we have successfully designed and developed content management systems for one the biggest banks in Serbia.

I have also involved with the quality assurance team to define the methodology and processes for testing on the products I was working on.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Software development, Web development, ASP, ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, XHTML, XML, XSLT, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.

Web developer

TeleTrader, Belgrade, Serbia

February 2000 – February 2005

I worked on financial market products for various clients. I was member of the team that developed the financial portal which was a starting point for products that were customized for other clients.

I have innovated in introducing interactive web components using JavaScript, and Flash based tools and related web services.

Responsibilities and applied knowledge: Web development, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, Flash ActionScript, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server.

Personal features

Software development is a team effort, and I always work to have excellent communication within the team as well as with other stakeholders. Furthermore, I am always ready to share my experience and ideas, listen to others and brainstorm the solutions.

I speak Serbian (Bosnian, Croatian), a bit of Russian, am highly proficient in English, and have solid skills with German.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Belgrade University (Engineer of Information Systems, FON, equal to “Betriebwirtschaft” by BM.W_F).

  • Proactive approach, driven to analyse, engage and work with others.
  • Deep understanding of the full application stack (infrastructure, data, services, integration, business logic, scaling, user interfaces).
  • Ready to make decisions and take responsibility.
  • Good communication skills, ready to listen and accept others’ opinions.
  • Dedicated, responsible, open and honest personality, with a positive attitude.
  • Striving for excellence.

Skills & keywords

Chief Technology Officer, CTO, Management, Enterprise architecture, System integration, Software architecture, Team lead, Agile development, Certified scrum master, Project management, Product management, System analysis, Software design patterns, Software development, Programming, Information architecture, Continuous integration, Unit testing