Serbian Archives of Medicine

During 2006 and 2007 I was working on the web publishing platform for “Serbian Archives of Medicine” Journal of the Serbian Medical Society.

The requirement was to create a system that would accept the submitted articles, routing them through the complex system of administration, reviews, revisions, edits, and so on until they reach the publication.

On the other hand, there was a need to put the existing printed editions online as well.

I have presented to the revision board my analysis of the entities and processes, shown some ideas how to handle them in the system, they loved it, and I was hired to do the job.

After several iterations of architecture revisions, I have designed the database in Access (hosting limitation) which was later migrated to Microsoft SQL Server.

The web application was implemented in ASP.NET 1.1 WebForms, as it was the platform available for hosting at the time, using C# and NUnit for testing.

The design was aimed for clean overview and quick loading times, implemented in XHTML (as far as ASP.NET 1.1 WebForms allow), CSS, and enhanced a bit with JavaScript.

The document management system was a real challenge, since the client had a complex process, but in close cooperation it was implemented successfully.

The system was later a bit tailored and deployed to [permalink href=”247″]Serbian Dental Journal[/permalink] web site.

Please have a look at the front end of the site for more details here


During a good part of 2006 and 2007, I have created the software architecture and managed a team of experienced developers to create a Healthcare industry related visual networking tool for a Swiss consulting company.

System architecture specification was my first focus, documented in detail and frequently communicated to the client.

The project was done using loose Agile process, following the mantra “Release early, release often”, so system wide changes were continuously propagated and implemented.

The architecture and system entities and relations design were growing and changing during the project, and I am proud to say that we have come up with a great product in the end.

The software was implemented in Java, using JUNG Graph framework and XML as the data source, using JUnit for unit testing.

The highlights

  • Complex data queries (could be performed using commands as well as GUI wizards)
  • Data filtering
  • Advanced visualization mechanics
  • Data source was flexible (easily changed from files to web service for example).


During 2005, I have created the website for one of the best dental offices in Belgrade.

In close interaction with the client, we have reached the specific design and rich content.

At first I have created the information architecture, then my wife Ana did the design which I have implemented in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is now available at the address

Smiledent website screenshot

Quiz game

During autumn of 2004 I worked in a team to create a quiz game for the Zepter company. The idea was that the game presenter is leading the game, and players must answer a set of questions, each question within a time limit.

Vladimir Stefanović was in charge of the design it and Neven Jovanović made the back end application.

My part of the job was to design system entities and relations, and develop the ActionScript application.

After an introductory screen, participant chooses a set of questions. Previously opened sets are disabled. After that, the game presenter starts with one participant. The participant must choose an answer within the time limit. Each question has several predefined answers, and a time limit to answer. Additionally, an image can be shown for any question.

All game attributes are configurable via XML – questions and answers, images, time spans, sets of question, etc.

Just It

In the summer of 2003, I was approached by “just it”, events organization company, to design their web site. The goal was to achieve the dual design that will appeal to business and private event clients.

In close cooperation with the client, we have reached the basic look and feel, then a palette for business and private part, but in the end it was done with business version.

Their website is available at

Currency Calculator

In close collaboration with Teletrader’s web designer Vladimir Stefanović we have created “Currency Calculator” at the beginning of year 2003.

With this useful tool you can convert amount from one currency to another. It is working with latest currency rates retrieved from web service, so you have to have active internet connection when first starting it, and if you like to refresh the rates.


During 2003, I was asked to create a interesting tool, a spider to walk the web pages and extract data.

I have made an analysis of how to achieve this, and implemented it fully. My focus was to parse HTML, collect the HTTP request parameters and values, and extract the data.

The tool can use a page with links as well as a form as a source to create possible request parameter value combinations. Then, the links within the each page will be located and parsed to append to the list of pages to be processed.

Configurations and results are saved as XML files. I also made a viewer for the results which can be sorted on any attribute.