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  • Encounter: RabbitMQ vs. Kafka – An Architect’s Dilemma

    For some reason, many developers view RabbitMQ and Kafka as interchangeable. The goal of this post is to present both RabbitMQ and Kafka side-by-side. Source: RabbitMQ vs. Kafka – An Architect’s Dilemma (Part 1) – Eran Stiller https://eranstiller.com/rabbitmq-vs-kafka-an-architects-dilemma-part-2 RabbitMQ is preferable when we need: Advanced and flexible routing rules. Message timing control (controlling either message…

  • Software quality

    Before working in an architect role, software quality seemed to me like a very abstract measure, based on ones subjective perception and experience. While hard to define, there are some attributes commonly used to evaluate quality of a software component or system. Note: as some other articles on this blog, this is a living document…

  • How Technology Architects make decisions

    Great consideration of necessity for documenting technology decision making. Also, difficulties of culture and mentality changes. … Compensatory. This type of decision considers every alternative, analysing all criteria in low-level detail. Criteria with different scores can compensate for each other, hence the name. There are two types here: Compensatory Equal Weight – criteria are scored and…

  • s-IT

    I was in charge of architecture strategy, coordination and governance for the Branch & Lending division.

  • Global Blue

    I worked as an Enterprise Architect and later as Tech Lead in Global Blue.