Quiz game

During autumn of 2004 I worked in a team to create a quiz game for the Zepter company. The idea was that the game presenter is leading the game, and players must answer a set of questions, each question within a time limit.

Vladimir Stefanović was in charge of the design it and Neven Jovanović made the back end application.

My part of the job was to design system entities and relations, and develop the ActionScript application.

After an introductory screen, participant chooses a set of questions. Previously opened sets are disabled. After that, the game presenter starts with one participant. The participant must choose an answer within the time limit. Each question has several predefined answers, and a time limit to answer. Additionally, an image can be shown for any question.

All game attributes are configurable via XML – questions and answers, images, time spans, sets of question, etc.


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