During a good part of 2006 and 2007, I have created the software architecture and managed a team of experienced developers to create a Healthcare industry related visual networking tool for a Swiss consulting company.

System architecture specification was my first focus, documented in detail and frequently communicated to the client.

The project was done using loose Agile process, following the mantra “Release early, release often”, so system wide changes were continuously propagated and implemented.

The architecture and system entities and relations design were growing and changing during the project, and I am proud to say that we have come up with a great product in the end.

The software was implemented in Java, using JUNG Graph framework and XML as the data source, using JUnit for unit testing.

The highlights

  • Complex data queries (could be performed using commands as well as GUI wizards)
  • Data filtering
  • Advanced visualization mechanics
  • Data source was flexible (easily changed from files to web service for example).


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