Hello world

A “hello world” program has become the traditional first program that many people learn.

While I’m not learning a new programming language here, I am learning how to use the blog platform and express myself in this media.

And I have to say it – this blog is a work in progress.

As much as I would like to launch when I am completely satisfied with my blog, it will take a some time, and I decided to launch early and update frequently. It works in software (as in Agile development), so it should work here as well, right? Please fell free to comment what you think about this attitude in a blog context.

Things are rough around the edges and I’m updating the content and look and feel constantly these days, so please drop-in frequently and have a look. Texts will change, the looks will change, logo will change. What won’t change is that the blog will be here.

It may be that you encounter changes so you don’t like it anymore, something you hate, or something you liked isn’t there. Please drop me a note if this is the case. If you see an error (and I’ll try to avoid those) – please be sure to notify me. I am not afraid to admit my mistakes. I have been wrong before.

So –

Hello world.


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