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androidI just went through a process of installing the apps that I use every day, after making Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich work on my Galaxy S using unofficial guide cyanogen(mod) (damn you, Samsung!) – so here they are.


Keep files synchronized on all the devices – phone, home computer, work computer, laptop… Google play


I stick to the policy of having a password for each service. Which means I don’t know half by heart – this is a great app to keep up. Works great in combination with Dropbox. ;) Google play

Google Translate

My native language is Serbian, I work on English, and live in Vienna where people speak German. This one saves lives.

Google play

Pocket -formerly Read It Later

Very convenient to save links, also offers a cleaned-up view of articles, both on the phone and online. Google play


Notes, bookmarks – organizer that stays in synch, works offline too. There’s a web app that is more convenient when at the computer. Google play

Google Drive

Office online, ’nuff said. Google play

Total Commander

The greatest file manager ever is now on Android as well. Google play


Great little FTP client to do things on the move. Google play


To keep up with the information overload ;) – phenomenal RSS reader, works with Google reader. Google play

Shush! Ringer Restorer

I never remember to turn the ringer back on when I put my phone to silent. This one fixes that. :) Google play


Enables wireless access to your phone. You can copy the files, send SMS messages, emails, and other features and you need only the browser. Google play

I hope you find some of these as useful as I do, and feel free to leave comments on your favorites.

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