Greentube Internet Entertainment

As a generalist in the role of technical project manager, I was working with software projects from many perspectives – system integration, guiding the development, conceiving new solutions.

Integrations of internal and external systems, scalability, system details knowledge, and having the big picture in mind all play a significant part in daily work.

Big part of the job is communicating with other departments to provide them information about the technical knowledge of the system. Creating documentation and specifications comes as a natural part of this. I was also working with partner companies on integrating our system with their products and vice versa.

I have owned a development of a big new product and platform, introducing various new solutions to support multiple systems and platforms integration, high concurrency, and innovative approach.

I find that the job posting also described it well…

  • Technical consultation during project planning and implementation
  • Making decisions about the further development of platform
  • Creating product concepts of and software prototypes
  • Contributing to the technical implementation of projects
  • Guidance of our external and internal clients
  • Work with highly available systems with a high number of concurrencies
  • Compliance engineering of complex IT systems
  • Gathering the knowledge of the in-house experts (product management, marketing and development),