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I had to reinstall my home desktop computer recently, and at least one good thing coming out of it is the list of tools I install right away. So here it is…


Total Commander – My favorite file manager for a long time, it’s configurable and super fast in file operations.

Dropbox – File synchronization across devices, I keep everything I need to get started.

Keepass – I really can’t remember all the passwords for all the devices and services I use. So I use Keepass to remember those for me, and I need only one to access the others.

ClipX – Clipboard history manager, something Windows is still sorely missing.

AutoHotkey – Automation galore, I love this thing – I’ll have to make a post with the scripts I use to make life a bit easier.

English US Serbian Latin Keyboard Layout – Multicultural keyboard layout. ;)

Notepad++ – A much better Notepad.

WinMerge – File and folder comparison utility. Good TortoiseSVN integration.

Avast – Antivirus software, register to get the personal licence for free.


Winamp – I use it since forever, the keyboard shortcuts still kick ass.

The KMPlayer – This video player comes with all the codecs I need, plus a great subtitle support.

XnView – Great multimedia viewer, also simple image editor with batch options.


Free Download Manager – The name says it all.

Google Talk – Internet messenger, rather good, but I hate the fact that it doesn’t support Ctrl + C to copy the text from the previous messages. Fix it already Google!

Mozilla Firefox – The browser I love. Lately I find myself using Google Chrome more and more because of speed, but I hope version Firefox 4 will improve in this field. Still, the best browser, and of course – FireBug can’t be replaced.

Feedly – The only RSS reader that got my love. Works as a browser plugin, which is a big plus for me.

Skype – Talk over the Internet, call mobile and land lines, create conferences.

µTorrent – Light bit torrent client.

I use more applications of course, but these are some essentials I can’t live without. So, any of these on your list? Find other applications to do the same thing better? Comment below.

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    1. Thank you Dejan, you’ve got a great list as well.
      Your English US Serbian Latin Keyboard Layout is on my list as you can see. ;)
      Ninite looks like a great tool, I’ll give it a go on the next occasion for sure. Which by the looks of my laptop will be soon. :|

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