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google chrome browserI find myself using multiple browsers, but nowadays the browser extensions shape our browsing experience more than a browser. Here is a list of extensions I use in Google Chrome.

I also made a list for Mozilla Firefox recently.

Feedly – Favorite RSS reader, I just have to have this in every browser I use (come on guys, finish the Android version already :).

AdBlock – No ads, just content.

Google Mail Checker – Shows the number of unread emails and provides a quick access to Gmail. I like how it uses the same tab if you already have one open.

XML Tree – Displays XML documents in a tree and allows executing XPath.

Springpad – Online organizer, notepad, sharing tool, really cool application.

Google Dictionary – Sometimes it just works, but in some pages plainly fails.

Bookmarks – Adds a button for faster bookmarks access.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate – The name says it all.

Smooth Gestures – Use mouse gestures to perform common tasks like going back, opening a new tab, opening link in new tab, and so on. This extension has changed to malware! It should be unistalled automatically by Chrome (at least was on my computer).

Share your favorite extensions in the comments, and if you like to improve your browsing experience further have a look at my post on Google Chrome search engines.

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