Mozilla Firefox extensions

Firefox add-ons site imageNowadays the browser extensions shape our browsing experience. Here is a list of extensions I use in Mozilla Firefox.

I have also made public the list of my favorite addons on the Mozilla website.

  • Firebug – The best thing for web development, irreplaceable really.
  • Feedly – My favorite RSS reader and sharing toolbox. If you don’t use it, give it a go – I am still amazed.
  • Readability – Convert the page to a more readable format and save to read later (on other devices as well). Good stuff.
  • Firegestures – Execute browser commands using mouse gestures for faster browsing.
  • AdBlock Plus – No annoying banners and ads, just content.
  • Awesome Screenshot – Capture and Annotate – The name pretty much explains it all.
  • HTML Validator – Run HTML / XHTML validation in the browser.
  • Firecookie – Nice extension to Firebug dealing with cookies.
  • YSlow – Firebug extension by Yahoo team with page loading performance analysis.
  • ColorZilla – Color picker, palette generator etc.
  • QuickJava – The name is a bit misleading, it provides status bar buttons to easily enable / disable JavaScript, Java, Flash, SilverLight, Images and CSS Styles.
  • IE View – Just one click to view the same URL in IE.


Some extensions have become obsolete or I have started using another instead, but that doesn’t mean they are not awesome anymore. :)

  • Ubiquity – Task-centric web browsing, awesome stuff, too bad that it’s not in development anymore.
  • XMarks – Bookmarks synchronization – not required anymore if you use only Firefox, but can synch across browsers.
  • Screengrab! – Save the page as image.

Share your favorite extensions in the comments, and if you like to improve your browsing experience further have a look at my post on [permalink href=”601″]Firefox quick searches[/permalink].


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