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A list of interesting content at this moment in time.

Major road and rail networks in Europe, along with transmission line and underwater cable data, superimposed over satellite images of cities illuminated at nightIt’s awesome when you see how interconnected the world is now. Permalink

The patent on Lego has expired. Permalink

I have noticed the TV mesmerizing kids effect before (I don’t mean it in a good way). Permalink

Vertical centering with CSS has always been a pain. Permalink (Tweet).

Wonderfully made.

Very important: “Computer programs and languages cannot be copyrighted, says European court advisor” Permalink (Tweet)

Completely true – the pain of being an web developer.

Superhuman Imagination – Vernor Vinge on science fiction, the Singularity, and the state Permalink (Tweet)

Coders are truly special. :)

Interesting analysis on how the devices influence us, and our memories – The Dilemma of Being a Cyborg.

The end of an era: Internet Explorer drops below 50% of Web usage Permalink


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